Order status

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Too many requests

In order to prevent different kinds of DoS attacks on BitWhisk, we limit the number of requests made to our servers. It seems you have exceeded this limit. In a little while you will be able to use our service in a regular mode.

Thank you for using BitWhisk.

Server error

Due to an internal error our server refused to define the status or your order. This happens quite rarely, there is no your fault here. We will be thankful if you notify us about this incident via contact@bitwhisk.io

Thank you for using BitWhisk.

Order not found

We completely delete all information about fully processed mixing requests. Thus, either your order has been wiped out or never existed. Open the Letter of Guarantee and check the search pattern for any mistypes. If you are still sure that something goes wrong, please write to our mailbox.

Thank you for using BitWhisk.

Nothing to mix

You haven't sent any coins to the generated address. Let us recall that minimum incoming amount for your order is BTC, while current maximum incoming amount for your BitWhisk code is BTC. Please mind that any payments to the generated address after will be ignored.

Thank you for using BitWhisk.