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BitWhisk is a young project built by a team of professional web developers and security experts. We stick to the highest level of business standards and help people maintain anonymity in Bitcoin network. Currently, a standard send-receive mixing scheme is established, but we still have a couple of things to introduce.
  • New mixing mode: reveal the private keys after receiving customer's deposit. This will allow to transfer user's coins to the past;
  • More cryptocurrencies: mix and exchange, all in one!
To bring these ideas to life we are seeking investors ready to make at least 0.5 BTC contribution to our project. Those coins will be safely kept on our servers under multilayered protection. They will become a part of our mixing reserve.

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General information

We distribute 70% of our total profit among our partners according to their stake in the investment pool. Hence, your share may change depending on the amount of future deposits from other investors. The payments are made on a weekly basis.

Statistics and stake-calculator

Joined partnersInvestment poolLast week profit
10.47561000 BTC0.0009352 BTC

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If you want to become our partner, please leave your contact e-mail and BTC address below. The system will generate a receiving BTC address and a Letter of Guarantee for you.

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    Your BitWhisk code is . We provide it in case you decide to mix your coins with us. This code ensures that your BTC will never be mixed with ones you invested in our reserve.

    Thank you for participation in BitWhisk development.

    Please check and accept important terms

    The system will generate an incoming address valid only for 24 hours. All further payments to the generated address will be ignored. Transactions paying to the generated address will be accepted after 2 confirmations. Let us recall, that minimum investment is 0.5 BTC.

    Please, download and thoroughly check the Letter of Guarantee before sending us any amount of coins. This Letter will be the proof of your investment.

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