Our minimum service commission is 0.5% + miner's fee for every transaction made by our service. We do not put fixed fee per target address because this system is extremely inefficient. Please mind that calculator provided to you on the order page computes only approximate amount of coins you receive. To estimate it we assume that each target address is taxed with some constant fee which depends on miner's fee rate you specify. The detailed information is available during the order process.

We advice you to set a custom service commission to slow down amount-based Blockchain analysis. Remember, when you use BitWhisk regularly with the same code you get a discount. More you mix less you pay.

Mixed amountMin. service commission
1 – 4 BTC0.45%
4 – 8 BTC0.40%
8 – 16 BTC0.35%
16 – 32 BTC0.30%
32 BTC and more0.25%
Have a nice and safe mixing with us!