Our features

Fast and secure

You can always trust us your financial security

Best practices

We stick to the highest standards of coins anonimization

Two mixing regimes

Send and receive or prepare and take away

No Javascript

Send and receive mixing mode works without JS

Provable obligations

All operations are confirmed via Letters of Guarantee

API for developers

We support those who want to use our service programatically

We guarantee to carry out your mixing requests without any unnecessary delays. No doubt, your order will be processed in exact accordance with the configuration you specified.
Moreover, we pay a lot of attention to security. The clearnet traffic goes over https, meaning all your sensitive data is encrypted and nobody can sniff it. For those who doesn't want to trust clearnet we have a Tor-mirror.
Our business runs on your trust and our first priority task is to gain an excellent reputation.

With us you can enjoy the full pack of well-tested mixing features: arbitrary service commission, multiple target addresses and time delays up to 48 hours. Long time delays are randomized with short intervals up to 10 minutes. Moreover, with us you can control the miner's fee for outcoming transactions.
Besides, we mark the coins sent to us by a special BitWhisk code and this ensures that user never gets back its own BTC from our reserve.

Our service supports two mixing modes. The first one is pretty classic, so-called send and receive. We generate a unique incoming address for your order, you send your coins to this address and after two confirmations we process your request. This mixing regime is available without registration.
The second mode may be called prepare and take away. Here you tell us the amount you want to mix, our backend code sends a transaction with given amount to our address and generates a unique address for you. After some time you send coins to the generated address and we reveal the private key from the address with prepared funds. Note, that in this case you are sending coins to the past. To use this mixing regime you need to create an account.

We care about our customers security, hence the basic send-receive mixing mode works without Javascript. This means you may disable Javascript and create an order, download a Letter of Guarantee and check the status of your mixing request any time.

No centralized mixing service can prove that it will not run with your coins. As Bitcoin showed, to exclude trust between parties one needs to introduce some kind of decentralization. The compromise here is that every incoming payment is accompanied by so-called Letter of Guarantee.
This letter consists of message explicitly stating our obligations before you and Bitcoin signature by our official Bitcoin address 1BWhisku6FmdcWk776vrqb2KHs88r5oicp. We advice to always save and check the Letter of Guarantee before sending any coins to our accounts.

BitWhisk provides a simple public REST API to allow you to programatically use our mixer in send-receive mode.