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BitWhisk has started its path as a very simple application providing only basic functionality of mixing service. Since then the project had a great deal of development. Please remember, we are always happy to tell you about our features and answer all your FAQ.
Let's transform Blockchain into complete mess together!

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Don't worry, you will receive a BitWhisk code after your first order. See FAQ for details.

This code ensures that your previous transactions will never be mixed with new ones. It also gives you discount on service commission. See Fees for details.

Service commission: 

It is very important to set arbitrary service commission to prevent amount-based blockchain analysis. See FAQ for details.

If you use BitWhisk often, you get the discount. See Fees for details.

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Miner's fee rateOutput address feeMin. incoming amount
Next block miner's fee rate is sat/B; 1 BTC = USD.
Adjust the miner's fee rate to your needs. Set it high or low, depending on how quick you need output transactions to be confirmed.
As an approximation, our calculator assumes each target address pays miner's fee for standard transaction with one input and two outputs (140 B).
This restriction prevents from creation of dust payments and depends on service commission, miner's fee rate and percentage distribution along target addresses.

Please check and accept important terms

Incoming address is valid only for 24 hours. All further payments will be ignored. We do not store links between incoming and target addresses after operation is proceeded. Please, download the Letter of Guarantee before you send us coins. This will be a proof of your transaction.

Please reduce minimum income

Unfortunately, we are unable to register your order. The minimum incoming amount for details you specified is , while the maximum incoming amount we can correctly handle with your BitWhisk code is . Please consider changing distribution of coins along target addresses. This will decrease minimum incoming amount.

We are working to make our reserve bigger.
Thank you for using BitWhisk.

Insufficient funds

Our project is young and coins reserve is rather limited. Unfortunately we cannot register an order with your BitWhisk code. It means that coins you previously put in our system constitute major part of our balance. After a while your coins will be substituted by other users funds.

We are working to make our reserve bigger.
Thank you for using BitWhisk.

Too many requests

In order to prevent different kinds of DoS attacks on BitWhisk, we limit the number of requests made to our servers. It seems you have exceeded this limit. In a little while you will be able to use our service in a regular mode.

Thank you for using BitWhisk.

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    Your BitWhisk code is . It ensures that your coins will never be mixed with ones you previously put in our reserve. Moreover, using BitWhisk with the same code gives discount. See Fees for details.

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